Send us Cards in our pretty new Mailbox!!

We gave our mailbox area a substantial makeover last month, but ultimately (obviously) we decided on a little more upgrading.  We like it so much that we pretty much went postal over it!!! (I know, I went too far with the mail pun, it's bad, I get it, but I just can't go backspacing it away at this point.....well I could...but I'm NOT!)
As a reminder, this was where we left off:

While it was certainly in a working condition, the mailbox and it's wood post had definitely seen better days.  As you've seen from many house posts, the old homeowners were mesmerized by the fact that paint could transform things.  So it in no way surprised me to find our mailbox and post lathered with bubble green (the bubbles being where the paint has unattached from the mailbox and we delicately avoid it so it won't start looking camoflauged) paint.  Also, the mail post was well-weathered, so it was time for our "out-with-the-old-in-with-the-new" routine. 

And upgrade we did!

All it took was a muscle man (luckily I happen to have one of those) to crank the old post out, a bag of concrete, the same muscle man to set the new post in (everything would have gone wrong had a NEW muscle man come in at this point), a can of polyurethane wood sealer for the post, and a shiny new gray mailbox.....yah, we wanted to try and be trendy.  Call us crazy, but we're diggin' it!
You may also notice all the pretty flowers previously shown here.  Defintely a necessity, and probably my favorite part of the whole transformation.  Nah, I take it back, the gray mailbox still gets top billing.

The last necessity we need now......mail!!! And not bills. (Shout out to Allison and Megan for sending our mailbox (really sending me) some luuuurrrrvvvvvee.)  :-)


calmom said... Add Reply

Never let it be said that you two doing anything half way. love you two

Anonymous said... Add Reply

Do you remember how many blocks it took total in the 4 rows you stacked? I would love to do this around my mailbox! Very pretty.

Anonymous said... Add Reply

Love it and I love your humor. Great job!!!!

carol said... Add Reply

Love this idea. I am so going to do this at our new place in the country. So excited to get started.

Anonymous said... Add Reply

I also would like to know how many total blocks it takes for this project. I want it around my present mailbox. Lovely idea!

Anonymous said... Add Reply

Would like to know how many blocks you used. I want to do this project this summer. Love the idea

Anonymous said... Add Reply

Thanks for sharing! Where can I purchase the stones you used?

Anonymous said... Add Reply

Just eyeballing it I would count about 48 blocks. I would think you could find theses blocks in a store like Home Depot.

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