Mailbox Makeover

Our mailbox landscaping has been in dire need of an upgrade.  Last weekend we delivered, and on the super-cheap too!  The total budget came in at just under $40, and I would say it was definitely a value-added and super quick and easy project. 

The poor, pathetic before shots

 Our mailbox flower just wasn't happy, all laying sideways and not knowing if she should hang out with the grass or not.

She was a bit spiteful with us at her area's mediocrity that she wouldn't full-out bloom.

Then we (mainly Terry...I just helped with lugging the pavers) made ourselves a fancy little mailbox space.   It took quite a bit of time scoping the perfect curve and size, but we are more than happy with the final outcome!

Even the flower is happy with her upgrade.  :-)

The light post is next....we just ran out of pavers :-)


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So did y'all just lay the pavers on top of each other? Or what did u put in between the pavers?

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