The International Anniversary....and Detroit

Sunday morning, we attended an amazing post-wedding brunch hosted by Biz's mom.  I've never seen a spread so expansive; Omelets made to order with 20 different options to go in them, hashbrown casserole, bacon, sausage, waffles, fruits, bagels, multiple bread options, biscuits, chocolate cakes, pastries, not to mention all of the drink options (Terry enjoyed a few mimosas). 
Afterwards we headed off to start our 4-year anniversary celebrations.  As we were approaching Detroit and Canada and the clouds started rolling in.  We crossed over the Ambassador Bridge and waiting in line at the border patrol.

We got to the border around 2:00 and had no idea what to expect.  Terry doesn't have a passport, so he brought his birth certificate with him.  As we pulled up to the border booth (if you've never gone across the border before, it's just like waiting in line to pay a toll at a bridge).  We handed the patroller all of our paperwork and was greeted with a sullen monotoned mildly obese man throwing a slurry of questions at us: How do you two know each other? Why are you going to Canada? (Terry and I laughed because his tone when he asked it made it sound like a "Why are you even bothering heading over here anyway?....Terry made a joke that there was really no reason and that I was making him....it was uncomfortably awkward silence for a second, no laugh or acknowledgment of the answer, we could have heard crickets if there were any, and then the continuation of questions), Why does one have a CA license and the other IL? Do you have any weapons? Lindsey, why does your passport picture make you look like you're 200 pounds?  ....  ok.  You caught me.  He didn't ask that one.  But I ask myself that question everytime I take out my passport.  Whomp whomp.
He gave us back our paperwork and closed the booth window.  Terry and I looked at each other in confusion and then very VERY slowly started driving forward, completely unsure of whether or not we were free to leave.  We should have known right then that it was all gonna be downhill from there. 
We drove down the coastline of Windsor looking over the river to Detroit.  There were lots of parks that had water fountains and Canadian Geese (Insert giggle that they were canadian geese IN CANADA).  The homes on the water was enormous and beautiful.  What we liked most is that there didn't seem to be any guidelines as to what type of home you could build.  There were french chateaus neighboring ultra modern square cut stucco neighboring monster "cookie cutters" neighboring super-long ranches.  It was a continual guess as to what we were going to see next, and it was a lot of fun. 

Looking across to Detroit

The signs made me laugh...."Terry, we can go 100 down this little road!!"

Gloom and doom:  We now know this was God's way of foreshadowing getting back into the US

We were in Canada a total of 45 minutes.  We were both tired, we were both getting hungry, and we both just wanted to go see our swanky hotel for the night! (Priceline...I love you)  We approached the border patrol coming back into the states with the same confusion and hesitation as when we left.  There were two different areas that you could pull into, with no signs to say whether anyone could go in any lane or if there were special designations.  We finally chose a lane and we ended up choosing poorly.  VERY poorly.  We pulled up to the booth, handed over our documentation, and then the patrolman started in: There were the few questions we were familiar with, "How do you two know each other? How long were you in Canada?  Why were you in Canada?".  Then the mans power trip began.  "Terry, where is your passport?  You knew you were coming to Canada today...Lindsey brought hers so you had to have known you were coming" (Sidenote, as I previously mentioned, Terry really has no passport.  Other than Mexico, he's never left the country, and he didn't need one when he went there) "What do you mean you dont have a passport?!?!" At this point, his voice was just shy of screaming at us, and even though we were doing absolutely nothing wrong, my heart was racing.  He then made us turn off the car, he went into the trunk, opened both or suitcases, rummaged through both bags, slammed the trunk so hard the whole car shook, and barked at Terry for the rental agreement.  How Terry stayed so calm is completely beyond me, although I think the guys intention was to try and rile him.  He was like a little bird trying to ruffle his feathers to seem bigger meanwhile Terry is sitting there like a big friendly (but inside FUMING) bear.  He went back into his little anger hut for a minute, then came back out with our documentation and said, "Just so you know, I could be awful right now, and make you sit in a solitary room for the next 3-4 hours on a small metal chair while we contact the Department of Illinois (yes, he did say Illinois...once Terry started talking about the incident later in the day, he said "it was all I could do not to back-talk him and say Well it will do you no good to contact Illinois") while we verify you are both citizens.  I'm not gonna do that because I dont think it's necessary, but go get a passport.  You can leave now".  ...Except our car keys were still in ego-trips jacket pocket.  Thank god I wasn't the driver bc I would have lost it then with "Well I would leave if you didn't have my car keys still", but thank goodness for Terry that he was polite.  We drove away.  He didn't talk to me for a little bit.  Understandably.  I dont think we're going back to Canada anytime soon.  Or ever again. 

On to Detroit.  We drove around the city a bit, mainly because we couldn't find our hotel.  We saw a few of the touristy spots, took a few pictures, then redirected correctly to the hotel.

Home of the Redwings

We killed just enough to go to our first (and what turned out to be our only) Restaurant for Restaurant week!!  We decided to start with Opus One.  Let me just say; Bar-none: A little piece of Heaven in a Restaurant.  We had an incredible experience.  Every bit of the food was mouth-watering.  If you are ever in Detroit, you MUST go there.

Shellfish Melange: Lobster, Shrimp and Scallops with Angel Hair pasta wrapped in Filo Dough with Lobster Vodka Sauce.

Braised Short Ribs of Beef, served with garlic mashed potatoes and sautéed julienne vegetable in a red wine demi-glaze

They surprised us at the end of our meal with a Happy Anniversary Dark Chocolate Bar.  YUMMY!!!!

It was a very casual rest of the day.  I went back and napped while Terry went and watched some football and a local bar.  We decided we were both still full from Opus One and we didn't even eat dinner.  We had to be up super early for our flight, so we were in bed super early to match. 

I would definitely say it was a memorable anniversary.  Not all so spectacular, but memories together none the less!  Here's to a lifetime worth of more memories!!


Getting Hitched: Biz and Brian Style

What an amazing wedding!  Their special day was this past Saturday, Sept 25th, and it was simply stunning.  They were married in a gazebo at The English Inn in Lansing, Michigan. 

Purple themed, the reception hall was the perfect setting.  The English Inn was such a beautiful location for a wedding.

The cake

All the boys with the bride and groom

with the beautiful bride

all the girls

Jake being Jake :-)

 Dinner was Ahh-Maayyy-Zing!!!  Petit Filet and Salmon.  So delicious!!

Evening winding down.

Had a great time!

boys saying good-byes

We stayed until the end.  There was a lot of time that we got to spend with the happy couple towards the end of the night, which was so nice to catch up.  Brian kept the honeymoon destination a secret from Biz, which I thought was a lot of fun!  They are spending the next two weeks in Cabo San Lucas.....exciting (jeeeaalous!!)  So happy to be a part of their special day! 


Weekend Travels

We have a fun-filled weekend planned!  Our plane leaves for Detroit tomorrow morning for the wedding of the year: Ms. Biz Latham and Mr. Brian Greenhoe!!  Tomorrow will be spent in East Lansing to watch these two become one.  There will be plenty of shenanigans to report, and I will have plenty of pictures to follow- up with.  We can't wait to be a part of their incredible day, and we couldn't be more thrilled for them!!

Sunday we are heading over to spend the day in Detroit.....Rock City!! and a little time in Windsor, Canada.  It's mine and the boys 4-year anniversary (of our first date), so although his idea of the perfect day is to lay around and watch football, mine is to see a little bit of the towns and have a fun weekend in a new city.  I did a little digging around on-line, and found out that it's Detroit Restaurant Week (insert the two of us squealing with glee here).  7 emails went back and forth between us on which restaurants we are going to go to.  ....And yes....I said restaurants as a plural.  Terry had the **brilliant** idea that if we had a late lunch, i.e. "an early bird dinner", we could also do a very late dinner and snag in two of these bad boys in our one day in town.  Ok, writing it down does sound kinda gross, but it's our anniversary; we're gonna get slovenly and love it!!  :-)  We're definitely doing Detroit Seafood Market (I will be having Maryland Lump Crab Cake, Crispy Fried Catfish – Belzoni Mississippi-style, and Chocolate Mousse Cake), and we haven't decided the other, but I'm gonna cheer for Opus One (Corn and Crab Bisque, Melange of Shellfish, and Raspberry Chocolate Mousse, Oh My!!)  My mouth is salivating already.  I will report back with what I hope to be a rave review. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!



Bear with me over the next few days as I play around with the blog.  I thought it was time for a little sprucing up, but seeing as I really have no idea what I'm doing, it may be a little crazy for a bit.  Definitely kills the downtime at work though.  :-)

Thoughts or suggestions on what I should do??


Chloe turns 2!!

2 years that have literally flown by!!!  Still can't get over it!!!


I met him today 4 years ago....

.....and this is why I stick around.

Email this morning:

So since we still have no clear definition of what represents our anniversary, here are a few options for today ;-)~

Happy meeting you for the first time anniversary…..

Happy first event in a series of days and or events and changes to our lives anniversary…..

Happy I noticed you should be mine anniversary…..

Happy that’s right, I set the hook anniversary……

Happy How you doin’ anniversary……..

Love you

I'm the luckiest.


Drugged up and knocked out

The past 5 days have been quite dreadful to say the least.  The plague from before Labor Day came back early last week, but other than being annoyed, I didn't think much of it.  Then Thursday, my body decided that it wanted to break out in an itchy red rash all over my back and trunk.  I called the few usual suspects (thanks for helping me through the panic) and decided I would wait until Friday morning to see if things got better or worse.  Well, at 5:30 on Friday morning, I was driving myself into the ER as the rash had spread to my neck, face, scalp, arm, and legs.  Steroids, antihistamines, and H2 Inhibitors later, I was out for the count for the rest of the weekend.  The amount of sleep I got this weekend from my drug-ladden knockout was more than what I usually get in an entire week.  They said in the ER that its a post-viral rash, but that they also didn't want to rule out that I had a severe allergic reaction, so they drugged me all up.  Needless to say, it was not a very productive weekend.  We watched a lot of football.  All of our teams won, with Fresno beating Utah State Saturday night with a final of 41-24, my Eagles beating the Lions in the early game yesterday , and Terry's Raiders beating the Rams in the afternoon game. 

Wish that I had more interesting and fun things to report from the weekend, but that's how it goes sometimes.  Terry was a very sympathetic boyfriend and made sure I was ok.  I looked like a hot mess but he was still telling me I was beautiful.  Gotta love'em even when you know they're lying!  :-)  I'm pretty much all cleared up now, it's still slightly on my legs and back, but far better than it was Friday morning.  Even though I usually always post pictures, this will be one of the few times where I keep the pictures off the blog.

Lots of fun things coming up this weekend.  It's Chloes 2nd birthday on Wendesday, Biz and Brian are getting married Saturday, and it's our 4-year anniversary Wednesday and Sunday (we met on the 22nd, and our first date was the 26th).  Lots of pictures to come!!


Out with the Old Dining Room Table, In with the New!

Terry and I were looking very casually at new dining room tables, not anything of a big rush and certainly not anything with a big budget.  We just liked the idea of updating our style.  The dining room table we previously had was Terry's that he's had for many many years.  It was a beautiful table, but we thought with the dining room space that we have, it may be nice to have a square or rectangular table instead of the round.  Terry, with his sleuth-like Craigslist skills, found a great table at a great price for what we were looking for.  We had to drive to the other side of St. Louis to get it, but it was worth the drive (well, other than the car smelling of curry the entire ride home).   When we got the table home, I snapped a quick picture of it, but it is not temporarily residing in the front corner bedroom until the floors are finished in the dining room.  We (Terry) are also going to sand and re-stain the wood a darker color, somewhere around a mocha or a little darker I think.

Between the both of us being out of town or our weekend day-trips, this past weekend was the first time that I could post the old table on Craigslist.  It was very very quickly becoming a space-killer, so we needed to get it sold.  We wrestled around with the price to post it at, and decided that we would start high in the assumption that they would counter-offer a lower price.  Here were the pictures I posted.

(you can see the newly sanded floors of our dining room)

So we ended up getting one spammer hit.  Saying that they wanted to pay with a money order and then they would have their guys come and pick it up after the check cleared, and that he would pay me $50 extra to take the ad down from Craigslist and for the inconvenience of having to hold it for them for a few days.  Nuh-uh, no way, not doing it! 

Yesterday I got an email from a woman asking if the table was still available, that she'd just moved to the area, and that she'd like to buy the table.  Her email was military, and seeing as we live right next to Scott AFB, that made me very comfortable.  She met us at the house at 5:30, she was packed and loaded by 5:45, and she paid the full asking price!!  She was super happy and we were thrilled, so all in all, it was a great transaction! 

Now I've just gotta crack the whip on the boy to get this new table in use.  :-)



Oh sweet heavens I finally finished it!  I figured if I didn't get it done before my class started that it wasn't going to be finished until this winter, so I sucked it up and put in the last big push to get through it.  It's been such an easy read, it's just that it is so long and to find the time this summer has been very few and far between with all of our running around and working on the house.

So my opinion of it:  It deserves every bit of it's recognition in being one of the greatest books ever written.  It was so well-crafted, so intricately detailed and the growth of each character so genuinely expressed that you felt like you were there with them re-living the entire story.  The love story between Scarlett and Rhett is so genius that it just captivates you even further through your reading.  He's always there to save the day, put her in her place, and cause a stir.  I think that's possibly why Rhett ended up being my favorite character. 

While Mom was visiting before Labor day, she brought the DVD with her and we watched it during one of my sick days that the weather wasn't that wonderful.  Usually it's clear cut as to whether I like the book or the movie better, but there is positively no way that I could choose my favorite.  As far as character portrayals from the book to the big screen, I thought they were spot on with both Rhett and Scarlett.  I liked Mammy so much more in the movie, but I think a lot of that had to do with it being difficult to read her dialogue in the book, so in my head she talked really slow.  Just the opposite in the movie, and she was funny!  I like Melanie a lot more in the movie as well, but that's because she was the character in the book that annoyed me most.  The movie displayed Melanie in a way that didn't annoy me, as it showed her less timid and feeble than how the book always made her out to be.

I know that 1448 pages sounds daunting, that you could read 4-5 books in the time it would take you to read this one, but I'm telling you that it is worth the time and the energy.  You're drawn in in the first 10 pages and it's really hard at times to pull yourself away.  The last 200 or so pages are just nail-biter after nail-biter and makes me wish that there was a follow-up novel because there are so many loose ends.

Wonder what to read next......


JMU beats Virginia Tech!!!!

Madison, James Madison

We are the Dukes of JMU

Madison, James Madison

The fighting Dukes of JMU

Fight for glory, Honors won

Brighten the lights of Madison

Madison, James Madison

Show your colors proud and true

We are the Dukes of JMU!!!!



Labor Day 2010

Labor was quite relaxing.  Got up early and went and spent the morning with the Finleys.  We had a great breakfast at their house.....Scrapple!!! and omelets.  It's always great getting to spend time with them.  Kristen is driving now so she took me up to Jeff's house, and got to spend some time with them and look at all the pictures from the day before on the beach from his camera.  Then we went up to Susan and Dave's for a luncheon buffet that was De-Lic-Ious!! 

the crew


Jenna and Kim discussing getting old :-)

the theme of the weekend was butterflies.  They followed us everywhere


one of my favorite shots

It was hard, as always, to say goodbye.  Christmas seems so far away and I don't even know for sure if that will happen or not.  The girls are just growing so fast!!  Overall though it was a wonderful trip home!  Can't wait for the next time I'm back.