Friday and Saturday: Family and Crabs!!!

I got to the Lincoln crew's home around 4pm and was bombarded by 3 incredible nieces!  Maya and Jenna decided that they wanted to make me gifts.  I didn't take pictures, but I'll be sure to take pictures of them tonight and post them.  Maya made a cutout of a Horseshoe Crab and Jenna drew three pictures; a picture of her, of a flower, .....and of Aunt Lindsey eating crabs at the table with crabs and a mallet.  That was the last picture I got to, and I outloud laughed it was so cute!!

Maya's getting SO big!

Jenna's even bigger!  (notice how she spelled my name)

My place-setting at the table for dinner.  Makes me smile.

Saturday morning we got up and ready for an exciting day; Jeff, Kim, and Chloe were coming down for some pool time, and then it was CRAB NIGHT!!!

Maya and I relaxing watching some TV while Jenna painted my toes.

I wore flip-flops yesterday and got compliments on her nail-polishing skills.

Chloe girl all ready for the pool

Shark Attack!!!



You are my Sun Shine

The crabs were squirming.....they knew what was coming.

"Lady... please don't eat me"

This is gonna end up framed somewhere in my house

A bushel before...

Yummy after!!!

Bro's digging in

We sat there Saturday on and off for 4 hours and it was absolute heaven.  I went with Jeff Kim and Chloe up to Camden for the night so we could get up early for the Beach! :-)


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That looks like so much fun and those crabs look amazingly good!

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