Mom in St. Louis and the Roadtrip to Delaware

Mom wanted to come out to visit this fall, so we decided a little while back that to save some money on a plane flight, it could work out that she would drive out and then we would drive back together.  Mom enjoys driving out rather than flying anyway, and I was itching to get home to see the girls over Labor Day weekend, so it was a win-win. 
She got in on Monday evening...just in time for me to come down with a major sickness.  I haven't felt that awful in a really long time.  I ended up staying at home through the entire time she was visiting, which was nice in that we got unexpected time together since I wasn't working, but it's never fun being ill.  We watched Gone With The Wind one day, and she went and did some sight-seeing another day while I stayed on the couch. 
We hit the road on Thursday to start heading back to Delaware.  I wasn't fully better yet, but I figured just sitting in the car would be fine, which it was.  We made our first stop in Indianapolis and saw the city for a few hours.  We had lunch at a restaurant called Harry and Izzy's, which is right across the street from the Lucas Oil Stadium where the Colts play.  The food there was incredible!!  We didn't know it, but there was actually a game in Indy Thursday againt the Bengals, so everyone we saw was in Colts gear. 

After lunch, we walked to the Soldier and Sailor's Memorial, which was beautiful as a centerpiece in the city. 

Then we walked over to the Capital Building.  It was windy as you can tell from the picture :-) 

Strange yes, but I loved the chandaliers inside the Capital.  They were everywhere and they were beautiful.

Cool shot.

View up the Rotunda inside. 

Mom likes going to see Presidents homes and cities that Presidents were a part of.  In Indianapolis, that President was Benjamin Harrison.

We went over and saw his home.  We got there too late to do the tour, but I'm sure that we will go back eventually.  The house was huge!

We left Indy and drove to Columbus.  We thought we were going to keep going, but we quickly realized how tired we both were, so we stopped and got a hotel for a good nights rest.  We took off at 8am Friday morning, and we got so lucky as far as traffic was concerned.  We did get in any backups, no construction, no accidents.  It was a really easy ride.  We arrived in Delaware around 4pm for the start of a great Labor Day weekend!!  It was a fun road-trip, we had a nice time together.  Laughed a lot, which is always great. 


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