Weekend Travels

We have a fun-filled weekend planned!  Our plane leaves for Detroit tomorrow morning for the wedding of the year: Ms. Biz Latham and Mr. Brian Greenhoe!!  Tomorrow will be spent in East Lansing to watch these two become one.  There will be plenty of shenanigans to report, and I will have plenty of pictures to follow- up with.  We can't wait to be a part of their incredible day, and we couldn't be more thrilled for them!!

Sunday we are heading over to spend the day in Detroit.....Rock City!! and a little time in Windsor, Canada.  It's mine and the boys 4-year anniversary (of our first date), so although his idea of the perfect day is to lay around and watch football, mine is to see a little bit of the towns and have a fun weekend in a new city.  I did a little digging around on-line, and found out that it's Detroit Restaurant Week (insert the two of us squealing with glee here).  7 emails went back and forth between us on which restaurants we are going to go to.  ....And yes....I said restaurants as a plural.  Terry had the **brilliant** idea that if we had a late lunch, i.e. "an early bird dinner", we could also do a very late dinner and snag in two of these bad boys in our one day in town.  Ok, writing it down does sound kinda gross, but it's our anniversary; we're gonna get slovenly and love it!!  :-)  We're definitely doing Detroit Seafood Market (I will be having Maryland Lump Crab Cake, Crispy Fried Catfish – Belzoni Mississippi-style, and Chocolate Mousse Cake), and we haven't decided the other, but I'm gonna cheer for Opus One (Corn and Crab Bisque, Melange of Shellfish, and Raspberry Chocolate Mousse, Oh My!!)  My mouth is salivating already.  I will report back with what I hope to be a rave review. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


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