Labor Day 2010

Labor was quite relaxing.  Got up early and went and spent the morning with the Finleys.  We had a great breakfast at their house.....Scrapple!!! and omelets.  It's always great getting to spend time with them.  Kristen is driving now so she took me up to Jeff's house, and got to spend some time with them and look at all the pictures from the day before on the beach from his camera.  Then we went up to Susan and Dave's for a luncheon buffet that was De-Lic-Ious!! 

the crew


Jenna and Kim discussing getting old :-)

the theme of the weekend was butterflies.  They followed us everywhere


one of my favorite shots

It was hard, as always, to say goodbye.  Christmas seems so far away and I don't even know for sure if that will happen or not.  The girls are just growing so fast!!  Overall though it was a wonderful trip home!  Can't wait for the next time I'm back.


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