Drugged up and knocked out

The past 5 days have been quite dreadful to say the least.  The plague from before Labor Day came back early last week, but other than being annoyed, I didn't think much of it.  Then Thursday, my body decided that it wanted to break out in an itchy red rash all over my back and trunk.  I called the few usual suspects (thanks for helping me through the panic) and decided I would wait until Friday morning to see if things got better or worse.  Well, at 5:30 on Friday morning, I was driving myself into the ER as the rash had spread to my neck, face, scalp, arm, and legs.  Steroids, antihistamines, and H2 Inhibitors later, I was out for the count for the rest of the weekend.  The amount of sleep I got this weekend from my drug-ladden knockout was more than what I usually get in an entire week.  They said in the ER that its a post-viral rash, but that they also didn't want to rule out that I had a severe allergic reaction, so they drugged me all up.  Needless to say, it was not a very productive weekend.  We watched a lot of football.  All of our teams won, with Fresno beating Utah State Saturday night with a final of 41-24, my Eagles beating the Lions in the early game yesterday , and Terry's Raiders beating the Rams in the afternoon game. 

Wish that I had more interesting and fun things to report from the weekend, but that's how it goes sometimes.  Terry was a very sympathetic boyfriend and made sure I was ok.  I looked like a hot mess but he was still telling me I was beautiful.  Gotta love'em even when you know they're lying!  :-)  I'm pretty much all cleared up now, it's still slightly on my legs and back, but far better than it was Friday morning.  Even though I usually always post pictures, this will be one of the few times where I keep the pictures off the blog.

Lots of fun things coming up this weekend.  It's Chloes 2nd birthday on Wendesday, Biz and Brian are getting married Saturday, and it's our 4-year anniversary Wednesday and Sunday (we met on the 22nd, and our first date was the 26th).  Lots of pictures to come!!


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