Memorial Day visit from David

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day.  We actually had the fortune of David, one of my close friends from college, come in and join us for most of the weekend.  He flew in from DC on Friday afternoon and stayed through Sunday afternoon and we had a ball the entire time.

We did the Budweiser Brewery Tour...

...and then later in the evening, went to eat at the Broadway Oyster Bar.  David had never eaten crawfish before, and the Oyster Bar was having their annual Crawfish Festival, so we went and chowed down on the little mud crawlers. 

We got WAY too much food, but how do you resist crawfish cakes, crawfish po'boy, crawfish enchiladas, crawfish and alligator quiche, and steamed whole crawfish?!

Afterwards, we made our newly typical trek to Venice Cafe, and showed him around Soulard.  Fun times.

The next day was rather uneventful but still a good time.  We went over to downtown for the St Louis BBQ Festival....turned out to be a hugely expensive bust!  Spent too much for little returns.  Oh well though, it was an experience.  (Funny side note, Memorial Day weekend is apparently a ridiculous wedding weekend, at least here in StL.  In a 1 mile radius, we saw 8 bridal parties.  David was HIGHLY amused by this)
We went down to Laclede's Landing on the way home and stopped in a few spots, but then headed home for the evening for Saturday Night Steak Night.  Sarah came and joined, and Terry's meal was delicious as usual (Filet, asaragus, and bleu cheese mashed potatoes). 

So glad that David came out to visit us!  It gets lonely at times out here in the middle of nowhere, and it's always awesome to have those friends that even though it's been over a year since we've been together, that it feels like no time was missed. 


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