Well that was Anticlimactic (but I'm not complaining)

All tornadoes went by without any major issues. 

We had a few major limbs from the tree in the backyard fall out, but they seemed to already be dead. I take it that the tornadoes were just pruning the things we couldn't reach.  So thoughtful. 

We got a ton of rain.  It's going to be a week and a foot of grass before we can get the mower of the lawn without the tires sinking in the soggy ground.  Excited for that.

There was hail in the city the size of golf balls and some as large as oranges.  Hearing this on the news made Terry angry he didn't get to go golfing.  It just made me hungry. 

But being serious, it had all the potential to be awful, and we were very lucky that it decided otherwise.  Thanks for all the phone calls and the concern and the keeping us in your thoughts.  It helped.  Well, it helped my anxiety, it didn't help divert the tornadoes, although how could would that be. 



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