I promise I didn't jump overboard in Bermuda

To say that things have been a bit chaotic around here since I have been back is an understatement.  Between having to drive to Chicago the night before my flight to catch the cruise because a tornado destroyed the St Louis Airport, the home computer getting electrocuted from the storms and sorting out what to buy to replace it, getting flu-like symptoms upon my return, my final Anatomy and Physiology Exam, and the unanticipated and high-stress events that have happened at my job in the past 4 days (I will not be writing about that on here, but if you have interest, I'll be happy to tell you ALL about it), I have not had the time to update on here. 
Unfortunately I am still going to have to keep you waiting for a bit longer, as I am trying to get out of work at a reasonable time today, so gotta keep moving!!  Here's a few pictures to hold you over though until I can tell you all about the fun getaway!



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