Cruisin' to Bermuda

I will be absent all of next week as I will be on a cruise ship bound for Kings Wharf, Bermuda.  I am overdue for some relaxation, so it's going to be the perfect escape to bliss!

This post may seem reminiscent from one last year but the itinerary and the travel companions are different this go round. We are going straight out to Bermuda and will be there for two days, so I can't wait to explore more of the island (on land and underwater!) 

I'll be traveling with the Finleys (from here, here and here) and am really excited because we always have a blast on vacation.  We've been on a cruise together before, and its hard to believe that has already been 5 years ago!

We booked with Royal Caribbean and I've never been on one of their ships before, so I'm anxious to see how it ranks.  I've heard and read wonderful reviews, so I'm bouncing through the roof for it to just be Saturday already!! Anybody have Royal Caribbean input? (Side note: There is an ice-skating rink on this ship. What?!!?!!  Here's hoping I don't sprain an ankle while skating over bumpy seas.)

I hope that you all have a wonderful week!  Expect multiple posts when I get back!


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