NCAA Bracket Hilarity!

Turns out that I miraculously won (<---WON....yes that's Really what happened!! I'm just as flabbergasted as you are!!) Terry's work pool. 
So here's the long and short of it.  Terry knows that I am not a basketball girl.  Give me men in shoulder pads and helmets trying to kill each other any day of the year, but listening to all the shoe-squeaking, watching grown men act like they're in severe pain from being bumped just to get a Ref's foul call, and giving almost more air time to the celebrities in the crowd than the actual game is just not my idea of great sports  entertainment.  
Here's the catch; Terry knows he can lure me in to watching 3 weekends of non-stop basketball if I am entertained with something that helps me ignore the previously mentioned annoyances.  "How?" you might ask: With a bracket pool!! 
I filled a bracket out for Terry's jobsite, and another for a pool at Bechtel's home office.  Here's where a few of you who also do brackets may get mad at me.  I had NO method to my (March) madness.  While Terry read up on stats and was very calculated with his choices, I just spent two minutes going down each side of the bracket and submitted.  I wish I could say I took huge risks and had some "gut" feelings...heck, I wish I could say I chose based on picking based on school colors.  But no, no method. I started on the right side...  ya think that made all the difference?!?! 
Here were my 1st place winning picks from his jobsite:

Yup.  I came in 1st place with this sea of red bracket.  After my winning squeals ceased, I hit the point of, "Uh-oh, so should I be thrilled that I won.....or should I be embarrassed that I did this awful and still pulled out the victory." 
Terry's input was that it may be silly to think I took first with so many losses, but I still picked better than 35 other people and that is the beauty of the tournament....Anyone has the chance to win; referring both to all the basketball teams as well as everyone competing in bracket challenges.
T was a little further down on the standings, but every other year it's usually the reverse...where he is dominating.   

You may be wondering, "Well how did you do in the Bechtel home office pool?".  Well...since you're wondering....I took 3rd overall.  Guess we can't win them all.  :-D 


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That is awesome! I would have done it the same way :)

Kim said... Add Reply

So what did you win?

LGibbs said... Add Reply


;-) As the theme song for Celebrity Apprentice states, "Money money money money....$$$$$"

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