A (work) day at the Zoo

Last Friday, I went to the annual Pediatrics Research Retreat, which was held at the St Louis Zoo.  Basically, the day consisted of PhD's and MD's from the department presenting their current research to an intimate crowd of, oh, 300 Ped's researchers.  There were roughly 10 presentations along with a Keynote address from two Wash U Professor/Researchers on their ongoing research of the chimpanzee culture in the Republic of Congo Basin.  (While their research had nothing to do with anyone in Pediatrics current research, their talk was really interesting and very entertaining).
During our breaks, we went and walked around the zoo to see all the animals.  We may have missed one of the presentations because we got caught up in the penguin exhibit.....oops! :-)

Pumba (warthog)

Hungry Hyena

Amazing how fast the little guy could run considering he's already half a ton.

I caught Terry taking a snooze!!!  

Other than it being so cold, I could have stayed and watched the penguins all day.

On our sprint back to the rest of the afternoon talks, we got to see Terry again....so bashful. ;-)


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