Veggies and Herbs 2011

Year Two of the Veggies and Herbs for Casa Del Gibbons-Stamps. 
Last year, we planted our garden in rectangular buckets on the back patio and we loved it!!  This year however, we're stepping it up a notch.....we're planting our veggies in the ground!!

The side of our house has the perfect location for this years bounty.  For a house location frame of reference, we planted on the side next to the garage, in between the side garage door entrance and the fireplace in the main living room off the kitchen.  I've never shot any pictures there before, because well, there was nothing interesting to photograph.  But there is now!!

From left to right:  Row of hot banana peppers, Row of sweet banana peppers, Row of cayenne peppers, Row of jalepenos (YUM!), big boy tomato plant with a red bell pepper plant in front, and finally a gargantuan tomato plant (they name it, not me) with a cucumber plant in front.

 Then we have our herbs! 
1st bucket: basil, oregano, and lavendar
2nd bucket: chive, dill, and flat leaf parsley
3rd bucket: rosemary and thyme and soon to get a friend from South of the Border; Senor Cilantro!
The two pots on the right have some sort of lily of the valley or there-abouts kinda flower that Terry planted.  We'll see what happens ;-)

Any of you doing a veggie garden?  Indoor or outdoor? Any other fun stuff that we weren't adventurous enough to try??


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