Taxes; Synonymous with Headache

I don't know how Accountants do it.  Correction: I don't understand how Accountants enjoy it! 

Federal Taxes were finished up a few weeks ago and that was all smooth sailing. 

I put off State taxes because
A) if you file them online, it's $30.99 versus filling them in and mailing it yourself is free &
B) I have to file in two states since I work in Missouri but am a resident of Illinois.

This is a loving request to all those I hold dear to me: DON'T WORK AND LIVE IN DIFFERENT STATES!!! 

What I thought was going to be 2 forms (1 filed for each state) ended up being 7 different forms that had to be completed.  Just as I thought I was seeing the finish line, BOOM another form.  I get it that the tax man wants his money, but wow what a debacle! 

Have you finished up your taxes?? (I hope so)  The deadline is tomorrow!!!!


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I thought I posted this already so sorry if you get it twice, but deadline for taxes is monday the 18th. I saw it on the news this week.

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