Our yard and Heavy Machinery

This weekend was Machine Rental Mayhem at the house.  I didn't snap pictures of the first major rental, but Terry brought home a chainsaw on a 10ft pole.  One of the main branches in our cherry tree in the front yard broke during the ice storm a few months back, so he cut out that branch and trimmed up the tree quite nicely.  We still have a gnarly pile of wood though in front of the house that we're still figuring out if we're going to burn or dispose. 

The second machinery was the Dominator....except that for the first 30 or so minutes, it was being an enormous monstrosity of pain and breaking down every 10 seconds.  But basically, this one completely flattened out the yard.  I dont think that I've mentioned it before (correct me if I'm wrong), but we have had a horrific time with moles in our yard.  It's like an underground circus show, and the bumps above ground were starting to become hazardous to our walking safety.  

We were hoping that this big beluga was just going to come and murder kill squish get rid of the mole for us and we kept our fingers crossed.   But by Sunday morning, that (censored) mole was already going crazy through his underground heaven.

Sunday, Terry rented an Aerator.  Essentially, aerating allows the yard to have better water absorption, nutrient absorption and it helps the process of eliminating thatch.  I had heard of this before, but had no idea what to expect.

It shoved the prongs down into the ground and pulled out sections of the grass and soil.

The aftermath, well to put it comically, looked like 500 canadian geese stopped off in our yard after a nice hearty meal.

That machine is a beast too, no joke.  Terry was exhausted when he was finished.  It was like it had a mind of it's own, and it moved at warp speed.  Terry was trying with all his might to avoid it from crashing.  He only ran into the house twice.  And he ran into the neighbors fence.  With how that monster tore through the yard though, only three run-in's was impressive.  :-)
The finale to the yard weekend was setting traps for the mole.  We WILL have a flat, pretty yard!!!


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