Not a long post, this one is mainly just for the pictures.  We had a short but lovely stay at Bermuda during the cruise.  We docked at the Royal Navy Dockyard, which if you are looking at the above picture as a "J", is the furthest point on the hook part of the J.  We took a ferry over to Hamilton first off, to see the Capital.

(This was not our ferry, just a beautiful shot of the crystal blue waters.  Also, I just loved that the tugboat that helped us into dock was called Faithful)

This was a beautiful Church in Hamilton, called the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity. 

Had to capture the driving on the opposite side of the road, since I've only seen that in person one other time in my life. 

After Hamilton, we were brave and hopped on the local bus system and started heading back towards the Cruise ship but on land.  Our first stop was at Gibb's Lighthouse.  We hiked all the way to the top and it was gorgeous!

Next, we back-tracked for a 30-minute walk to Horsheshoe Bay, where there are the pink sand beaches.  As you can see.....not that pink unfortunately.  It was still gorgeous, just the lack of pink when it was all we had been hearing about was a little disappointing. 

We hopped on the public bus system again and saw a lot of interesting sites.  We drove by where the PGA Grand Slam takes place.  We drove over the word's smallest drawbridge, Somerset Bridge (shown below from the bus window). Lots of churches, and it was interesting to see how the natives live once you are outside of the tourist areas of the island.  Very simplistic, very layed back.

We finally made it back to the Royal Navy Dockyard, which was very touristy, filled with overpriced shops and stores.  There were a few historical homes on the point as well as a fortress, but we didn't have enough time.  Mom wants to go back again, and I told her I'm all game.   :-)


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