Bahhhh-ston Massachusetts

Back to ports of the cruise (how has it already been 2 weeks ago already?!) 

Boston was such an incredible city.  I've driven through before, but never got to experience it.  We spent almost the entire day on stops on the Freedom Trail, and it was incredible!  First stop though was the original Cheers on Boston Common.  Clam Chowder in a bread bowl......Yummy!!!

One of the first places on the trail was the burial ground where Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, Ben Franklins Parents, and those who died in the Boston Massacre are buried.  It was swarmed with people. 

We saw Paul Revere's Home as well as his statue, with the King's Church in the background.

The beautiful bridge leading over to the USS Constitution and Harvard

The weather cooperated perfectly for us.  It was shady and breezy and overcast the entire day, and as we were getting back to the ship, it started to rain.  Perfect timing to our fun day.  This last picture is one of my favorites from the trip.  It was as we were pulling out from Boston.  It was through our porthole in the room too, so I'm so happy that it turned out as good as it did.

I think that Boston was my favorite port of the trip.  We just had a great day and got to see so much history of our country.  I would highly recommend visiting if you haven't been before!!


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