This weekend in St. Louis

Mom visited from Tuesday through this weekend, so we did a lot of fun things.  She just left this morning to drive (yes she drove) back to Delaware.
On Friday night, we went to the Cardinals/Brewers game at Busch Stadium.  We sat a lot higher than the last few games we went to last season, but mom likes the view from higher in the stands, so that's where we got the seats.  Here was our view.
Sam Bradford threw the opening pitch...hopefully he's as good throwing a football as he was with throwing that pitch bc it was dead on! 
The Card's won (woohoo), and the only homerun of the night we missed because we were up buying our hotdogs.  Go figure.
After the game, they had a fireworks show.  We had no idea what to expect, but let me tell ya....it was awesome!  It was 25 minutes of explosions from all sides.  There couldn't have been a bad seat in the entire stadium.  The arch was in the background of the finale.  It was really amazing. 

On Saturday, we got up late, lounged, and went and got massages....ahhhhh.  After massages, we drove down into St. Louis to Forest Park.  We had lunch at The Boathouse Restaurant in the middle of the park, had a table right on the water, and had ducks and birds and turtles entertaining us the whole meal. 

 We took a 2 1/2 mile walk after lunch around the park on the walking/bike trails and it was gorgeous!  Then we found a tree to ourselves, she layed out in the sun and took a nap, I sat in the shade and read, it was a beautiful afternoon. 
We went back home, got ready for dinner, and went back into St. Louis to The Hill to Lorenzo's Trattoria.  I was disappointed unfortunately with my Chicken Spedini, but Terry's Halibut was delicious and mom's lasagna looked great! 
Sunday we had a very lazy day.  I read a lot of Gone with the Wind, we sat outside in the gorgeous weather, watched the Lakers/Celtics game in the evening, and had yummy Chicken Kabobs on the grill.  All in all it was a great visit and a great weekend. 


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