Using one word....

Not as easy as you might think! It's really hard to only use one word answers.

Significant other?  adore
Your hair?     long
Your mother?   independent
Your father?     insignificant
Your favorite thing?  photographs
Your dream last night?   friends
Your favorite drink?    coffee
What room are you in? Computer
 Where is your cell phone?  purse
Your hobby?  reading
Your fear?   instability
Where do you want to be in 6 years?  happy
Where were you last night? home
Something that you aren't?  liar
Muffins? chocolate
Wish list item?  vacations
Last thing you did?  Read
What are you wearing?  summery
TV?    Bravo!!!
Your pet(s)?  Terry?
Friends?  priceless
Your life?  adventurous
Your mood?  content
Missing someone? always
Drinking? water
Your car? happy
Something you're not wearing?  sweater
Your favorite store?  Lowe's
Your favorite color?  Green
When is the last time you cried?  Saturday
Where do you go to over and over? Home


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