25 random things about me

This was a mass message sent around on facebook a while back.  I changed a few of them up from when I first wrote my 25 random things a year and a half ago, but it's interesting that a lot of them are still the same.

1. Cursing at things that are bothering me makes me feel better

2. I started a journal of the places I have traveled. I hope to continue filling it in until my first child gets married; I want to give it to them on their wedding day so that they can see all of the places we traveled and then they can continue it with their new journeys

3. I am far more sarcastic than necessary

4. I finally followed my heart instead of my head and I believe it to be the best decision I've made in my life so far

5. All 18 years of schooling, trying to read a book was a horribly painful task; now that I'm all done school, there isn't enough time in the day for the books I want to read....just thinking about it right now makes me want to stop writing this and go read.

6. I want my wding ring to be a tattoo; it should be something I'm excited about telling people, but the snubbed noses from those I have told so far make me keep it to myself

7. One thing I miss very much from college is the Happy Cup; it was such a fun thing and a great conversation piece during the good times, and such a blessing and a secret savior in the bad times

8. College debt is something that burdens my mind every day; I couldn't be more jealous of my friends who were fortunate enough to not have this on their shoulders

9. I wish I could believe in my abilities as much as my mom believes in my abilities; I'll tell her that one day

10. I appreciate that I can accurately determine a persons character in the first few moments of meeting them

11. My mom got a photograph of Joe Biden signed for me when I was in 1st grade; it's one of the coolest things she has gotten for me, not because he is now the Vice-president, but because my mom is a die-hard Republican

12. Texas and St. Louis have made me appreciate the East Coast far more than I ever believed possible; I never knew how much I was taking it for-granted

13. One of my greatest pet peeves is when I'm driving down the highway and someone has their turn-signal on in front of you and doesn't realize it is on. I attempt to pass them, but then I find myself checking in my rear view mirror to see if they still have it on or not

14. Now that I have my Masters Degree, I need to figure out what I'm going to be when I grow up; I know that's not how it's supposed to work but that's how it's happened

15. I want to travel to Australia; I promise that I will make it there one day

16. The only part of my body that I truly love is my tattoo; everything else I find flawed; I wish I could admire the flaws

17. Growing up, I always wanted a sister. Now that I'm all grown up, two of the most important women in my life are my sister-in-laws

18. I absolutely love wine.  I love trying new vineyards and new years, and trying to taste the fruits, and picking out scents, and judging the color. My hunch is that I like it so much because there is such a science to good wine.  My favorite reds right now are Cabernet Sauvignon's, and whites are Chardonnays

19. I miss the ocean

20. It's ironic that I consider myself a guys-girl, I definitely get along better with men, but the very closest friends that I have in my life are women

21. E-A-G-L-E-S....love them, love them, love them, then, now, always

22. Absolutely in no hurry about it, but I am so excited for the day that I am a mother 

23. Tulips will always make me smile; I truly love them

24. I think the people I miss the most right now in the whole entire world are my 4 nieces. They are getting so big and I feel like I am missing out on so much of their little worlds.  I hope they realize even though I'm so far away, that I think about them everyday and wish I was there 

25. The thing got hauled to Austin and now to St. Louis...one of my goals is to re-acquaint myself with my piano. Right now, we are speaking different languages


Allison said... Add Reply

I miss the happy cup! The next time I visit, let's spend time going through all the notes.

Cab sauv's are my fave red wine at the moment, too.

love you :)

Emily said... Add Reply

I could comment on each one of these. I love the diversity of responses and thought processes. You're an amazing woman, my friend!

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