My Brother, the Photographer

Jeff just recently got into photography and his work is simply amazing.  I thought I'd share, seeing as it's a really small group of friends and family that even know about my blog.  I'm really proud of him and can't wait to see what he captures next. 
He entered both of these photos below in a photo contest at the Lewes, Delaware Public Library.  This was his first time entering any of his work in a contest, and he ended up taking 3rd place for the picture below of the pier.  Terry and I are planning to frame this and put it up in our newly finished guest bathroom.  We're going to have to lighten it up just a little bit, but we think it will fit the space beautifully.

Believe it or not, he really did capture this photo below with the butterfly in the waves.  In the contest, Jeff got robbed (for real, but long story) with this photo because the judges thought that the butterfly was photoshopped.  Jeff did enhance the blue of the water, but you can see from the original photo to the color-enhanced, that the butterfly was really there. 

I hope that you guys enjoy and any positive reinforcement you feel like leaving in the comments will certainly get passed on to him.  :-) 


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Those pictures are awesome!!

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I couldn't agree more, thanks!!

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Your brother is talented! Tell him to send more so you can post them!

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I love them both! Can I buy a copy of each, please? (...Seriously?:)

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