Holy Jalepenos!!!!!!

Just a little over a month ago, I showed you our herb and pepper garden. Well, the peppers are making me proud!!! Already I keep asking Terry if "today is the day" when we can pick our first jalepeno.  To my dismay, he is still carting home produce bags of store-bought jalepenos and I can't help but hold contempt for them. 

I really like this picture for some reason.  It's just really pretty and simple. 

Ahhhhh, get in my belly!!!!!

Here's our red bell pepper.  Yes, I know that it is green, for all of my sarcastic friends out there, but it's still growing.  It's still gotta go through puberty and change it's color.  I wish we had as many of these growing as there are the Jalepenos.  I counted this morning and we have 17 growing and 5 flowers on their way.  So happy!

I'll let you know when we pick our first batch and how wonderful they were!


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