England-1 : USA-shoulda been 0

Saturday we had a few friends over to the house to watch the World Cup Matchup between USA and England.  Terry's boss is from London, so she was over as well watching, which made the game all that more enjoyable.  Our only goal that we made though was pretty pathetic.  I mean, yes, a goal is a goal, but that was a walk in the park on any other day and was clearly just a fluke that it got out of his hands, and still decided to travel backwards into the net.  Go USA! ha  Above is my culinary addition to the game (mini-cheesecakes....mmmmm.
Here was the menu of the day:
3 varieties of mini-sliders; Beef sliders with green onion and gorgonzola on pretzel rolls, salmon slider with chive and feta on ciabatta, and turkey sliders with all-spice and provolone on top on french bread.  spicy cream cheese and shrimp filled jalepenos wrapped in bacon, fruit salads, veggie tray, salami rolls, chips and homemade salsa, tri-tip later in the evening.  This is why I'm skinny.  ......right.

Sarah (from London), me and Catherine for the feasting. 

Little pong action


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