All the pretty flowers

I have a current love.....it's my tree in the front yard.  Originally I was worried about it because it looked well beyond dead while all the other trees on the street were bright green and vibrant white and beautifully fluorescent purple.  It must be my ugly duckling tree though because it is in full bloom now and I could take pictures all day of it, but my camera just doesn't seem to capture how amazing it is. 
This purple flower is currently growing under our mailbox.  Neither of us know if it's a weed or not, but it's just too pretty to cut.  So if you know that it is a weed, please let me know.  I probably still wont pull it, but at least we'll know more about our lone mailbox flower.

We bought this rose bush at Home Depot two weekends ago and it was yellow and peach.  It has started morphing colors and it's looking more and more pink now (to my disappointment), but it's still beautiful. 

These are leftovers from the previous owners.  I love them. 
Again, leftovers, but the orange ones (in the picture it looks almost red, but they are bright Texas Longhorn orange) are surrounding almost the entire perimeter of our house.  The yellows are starting to pop out now, so the fun doesn't seem to be stopping! 

I'll keep you updated if any more fun flowers pop up or we buy anything else during our trips to Lowes/HD. 



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