Photos: Wild Outdoors of Wisconsin

Thought I'd make a post just of some of the great pictures I caught during the trip. I'm really in love with a few of them.


We went out to a natural spring near their cabin. There were all kinds of berries near the water.  These are poisonous.....but beautiful.


So peaceful

There was a horrible storm that came in one night.  This was off the back porch of the cabin.  I took 5 of 6 other shots of the lightning, but the whole shot was just bright white, it looked like daytime it lit up so much.

View from a lookout in Iowa looking at the Mississippi River and Wisconsin

Tried looking this guy up online, but can't find it.  Prize to the first person who finds it.

These are my 2 favorite shots.  That ladybug was zooming all over that plant, but I caught some really good ones of it. 


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