Country Concert Craziness: Friday Night

One of the big reasons for going up to Wisconsin this weekend to see the Finleys was that there was a Country Music Festival from Thursday through Saturday.  The Concert was called the Star Spangled Celebration.  It was actually a really cool set up as far as concerts go. One half of the grounds was for non-drinking, and the other half was for drinking.  In the center of the sections were photo lines that went all the way up to the stage so that you were literally 10 feet away from the front of the stage.  Maybe a map will make more sense.  (We sat on the non-drinking side where the red smiley face is).  Also a really cool thing about this concert is that there are 2 seats on stage that are called the "Best Seats in the House" that are auctioned off before each artist. (That is shown in the green section on the stage).

I didn't get to see any of the acts on Thursday because I drove up after work and didn't get there until midnight. 
Friday the first act, Charissa and the Auburn Sky Band, started at 4:30.  She just turned 14, it was unbelievable.  Next was Heidi Newfield.  She was a great entertainer.  I love her voice, it most reminds me of Bonnie Raitt with her scratchy, deep tones. 

After Heidi was Neal McCoy.  Now, I have to tell you, when I thought of Neal McCoy, I remember back to when I was little and he was all over the country radio with "We were meant to be together, No Doubt About It" and "They're playing our song on the radio" and "What turns me on is the Shake". I thought he was going to be a little slower, little more low key. 
Let me tell you.....I was dead wrong.  He was abso-friggin-lutely hilarious!!  The entire show we were laughing hysterically.  He is very easily a stand-up comedian stuck with the fortune of also being a great singer. 

Here's another funny one that I found on Youtube, HillBilly Rap.  Shows the kind of live performer he is. 

Finally, after Neal McCoy was Phil Vassar.  Now, just a little background on Phil, he went to JMU for college.  He came and sang there a few times while I was there.  He has so many great country songs, and I like him even more because he went to my Alma Mater.  Kristen wore one of my JMU shirts to the concert, and I took two other JMU shirts on the trip, but opted not to wear them at the concert.  Going back up to where I mentioned that there are 2 best seats in the house that are auctioned before every artist......well Tim and Amy bid and won the auction and Kristen and I sat up on stage for Phil!!!!!  We were completely shocked, completely caught off guard, and so excited that we could not stop smiling!!! 

This is not zoome in folks!

"Oh la la la la la lookin' good Carlene"

They said Friday night there were roughly 8-10,000 people in attendance.

Such an incredible experience!!!!!!!!!!!!  Grinning from ear to ear!  He came and talked to us for a minute while we were on stage, he thought it was awesome that Kristen was wearing the JMU shirt.  We also got his autograph on the flyers for the concert. 



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