Low Key in the Midwest

From quite a few posts on here, it's clear that my family in college was Low Key.  It's always great spending time with people you feel so close with, so this past weekend was wonderful.  One of the guys who got into the group the same time as me, Scott Bourdeau, flew into St. Louis to visit and see the city.  We went to a great restaurant Thursday night, West End Grill and Pub, after he landed.  It was nice just catching up together.  Friday we did all the touristy things, which although I've done them all, is fun to do again with new people.  We went to the Arch and walked around downtown.

 We went through the Budweiser Tour, and had a nice dinner on The Hill at Lorenzo's Trattoria.  After, we went to John D. McGurks to hang out and check out some St. Louis Nightlife. 

The next morning, we got up and headed up to Chicago for the night.  In total, there were 7 of us from Low Key who got to spend time together, so it was wonderful.  We went to an underwhelming street festival called WestFest.  The best thing at the festival was us...

After we left there, we got everything together for a picnic dinner down at Millenium Park to listen to the Symphony.  Blankets, wine, cheese, hummus, sandwiches, sushi and snacks were all assembled and ready to go. The only thing not cooperating was the weather.  It started off as a soft drizzle.  By the middle, it had turned into torrential downpour.  We hopped on the metro soaking wet and headed back up to Billy and Mike's rowhouse.

The night was so relaxing, just great to be with great friends.  Convo's drifted from funny to deep to thought-provoking to witty and around and around again and I am so glad that we were all able to be together.  Of course there were the usual shenanigans of calling other Keyer's and there just being a hodgepodge of ridiculousness (sorry Allison, Brody, and Tiff), and having Lauren crawl in the back of Billy's closet so she could hear the phone over the boys screaming at the person on the phone, and apparently wiffleball games in the middle of the living room.


The next morning (afternoon), we got some Bubble Tea and Dim Sum Brunch in Chicago's Chinatown....DELICIOUS!!! 

The 5 hour car ride home was a little miserable, just tiring, but well worth the fun that was had with this crew.  Can't wait til it happens again! Oogamama!


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