St Louis does a great job with providing things to do that are free to the community.  There is a summer concert series called Live at the Levy, and this Friday, Sara Bareilles performed.  Catherine, Jen, Monica, and I went and had a wonderful girls night.  We went down in Laclede's Landing and had dinner at The Drunken Fish, which was wonderful!  Then we headed out to the concert.  Normally it is "at the Levy" meaning the Mississippi River at the Arch, but with the water flooding as horribly as it is right now, the venue was moved up into the center of town.  We were unaware of the change up until we saw signs on our way walking to the concert.  So we hailed a cab and get up there just in the nick of time before she went on stage. 

It was filthy hot out so pardon the sweat...

"I'm not gonna write you a love song"

"Something always brings me back to you....it never takes too long"

It was a fun concert, she's a great entertainer, and her voice is ridiculously good live.  After the concert, we walked back to the car, which was about a 30 minute jaunt.  It had cooled down though by that point, so it was very relaxing. 

Here's her new single, "King of Anything".  I will be the first in line for her new CD in September!


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