What an awesome Saturday!

Saturday turned into one of those days that just rarely happens, that is so perfect it's almost surreal.  We started off the morning bright and early, working on the house as usual.  The Dodgers were in town so we knew that we were going to go down to the afternoon game, and also Catherine's parents were visiting for the weekend so we wanted to meet up with them as well.  They had fantastic seats right behind the dugout, so while we were looking for tickets, we were trying to get close to them so we could possibly enjoy the game together and not in different sections.  We got onto Stubhub and Craigslist, and ended up with quite simply the best seats in the stadium.  We were front row just off of home plate closer to the dodgers. 


These are the moments I want to remember forever.

I tried to walk out on the field with him....I got scorned.

I will never be this close to Albert ever again.

Terry's current man-crush.

Man-crush take 2. 

Terry adoring the man crush at bat. 

Our safe haven from the scorching heat throughout the game; the VIP Cardinals Seating Air Conditioned Restaurant and Bar under the stadium.

Hey Joe....got an itch?

The Pitcher from Fresno State...don't remember his name

After the game, we met up with Catherine and her parents for dinner.  We went to an incredible restaurant called An American Place in downtown.  To say we were treated to luxury was an understatement.  The food was immaculate, the wine was flawless, the service was bar-none, and the company was perfect.

We asked if we could give our compliments to the chef, and he actually came out to our table at the end of the evening and talked for us.  Of course I took the opportunity to have a picture taken with him.  Here's a little background on Larry Forgione.   Here's another article

Overall a highly memorable day in the lives of Terry and Lindsey.  So happy for these experiences with him.


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