Surprise! Hardwood Floors in the Dining Room!

Saturday started off as a day of staining the front room hardwood and priming the french doors.  That quickly ended when the stain from Friday night was still not dry to do the second coat and the priming of the doors was finished by 11am.  I dont know what sparked Terry to look, but he pulled up one of the air registers and looked under the carpet and padding, and low and behold there is hardwood. 

Before shots

Before shots

Peek-a-boo!  I see you!!

Still having no idea what we're in for...

GROSS!!! Along the high traffic areas, there was a moldy, nasty growth of some sort.  (Terry thinks that it was just the padding that disintegrated and then just got packed where we walk).   I spent all of Sunday scrubbing it off. 

This is a picture of the "after", after in parenthesis bc it is after all the mold is up, but it is before Terry rents the sander again and takes all the stain off and then we re-stain it. 

Exciting!!!  Always something changing in the house.  We think that there is hardwood in the hallway and all of the bedrooms, so now it is deciding what we are going to leave carpeted and what we are going to hardwood expose. 


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