Country Concert Craziness: Saturday Night

Saturday was far more laid back.  When I woke up in the morning I had to pinch myself the the previous night happened and that we really were up on stage with Phil Vassar!  

We got ready for the day and went and watched the USA vs. Ghana World Cup Match and one of their relatives homes.  Then we headed over to the concert after the game ended.  

The first act we saw was Patty Loveless.  Lets just say that she didn't get a picture taken for a reason.  I loved some of her songs growing up, but man she was a bore on stage. And she didnt even sing any songs any of us knew.  

Next was Jimmy Wayne.  Didn't think I knew who he was, but I did recognize a few of his songs.  He has a great voice and didn't destroy it the way a few of the other acts did the night before. 


Next up was Darryl Worley.  I love his music, and he was a great entertainer....not a comedian like Neal, but kept the crowd into the music and had everyone singing and dancing with him. 


The final act of the night was Dierks Bentley.  Oh Dierks.  If only you didn't go get hammered the night before and destroy your voice and then have me listening who notices every off-key or flat.  I love his songs, and actually I didn't realize that he has so many hits on the radio.  I recognized almost every song he sang and I don't listen to country music that often anymore since St Louis doesn't have a great variety.  Even though his voice was a little sub-par, his performance totally made up for it.  Lots of lights, lots of fog, lots of running around the stage.  Kristen and I went through the line probably 5 times through his performance, and he reached down and "low-5'ed" us as we were walking by in the photo line bc he came down into the crowd. 


Overall it was such a much-needed trip and so many great memories came from it.  We had such a fun time and I can't wait to get up there again!! Amy and I talked about running a Fruit Stand next concert depending on how much it would cost for licenses and all that.  I really am going to look into more, bc that could be a lot of fun!!

 The drive home (which by the way is a rental.....Overall great experience with Hertz other than they gave me this horrific thing to drive.) was actually a lot faster and easier than I thought it would be.  The back roads at the beginning of the ride were beautiful so I was paying attention to the scenery and not paying attention to the time, and then the highway moved really quick.  Not a lot of truck drivers so it was perfect.  Excited for the next trip up! 


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