Thursday Night Cardina...uh, uh...I mean Dodgers game!

Gotta love impromptu fun.  We have been looking at tickets for the baseball games this weekend because the Dodgers are in town.  Terry, always lovin' his Cali teams, wanted to go and show his team spirit at some point in the weekend, and we came across great seats at super low $$.  I went downtown straight from work and we met an hour or so before the game.  We went and had appetizers (which ended up turning into our dinner) at The Oyster Bar, which we love! 

We headed over to the game, and our seats were unreal!!  This is not even zoomed in!

Close-up of Albert Pujols

Dang he's cute!!

It was a great unanticipated date night.  The Dodgers couldn't pull through with the win, but they've still got 2 more chances for redemption this weekend.


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Yes, he is cute and his girl friend isn't bad either.

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