The French Door Project Begins...

Last weekend, the "Front Living Room Floor / French Door from the front living room to the Kitchen" project began.  Friday night, Terry rented a floor sander and took off the top layer of poly and stain on the floorboards.  This was my sneak-in shot while he was in action, but as you can see, the dust was awful.



The next half of the project consisted of knocking out a hole in the wall to put in a french door.  We decided on this plan mainly because with the layout of the house, the front room was very excluded and inaccessible to the main living spaces. 



The first throws in the wall  :-)  That's about the only part that I did because then Terry broke out the drywall saw which made it move much faster.   

Terry did the rest....

The next steps to finish up are putting a new stain on the front living room floor, re-running the electrical lines (You can barely see it in the picture, but the electrical wire from the outlet runs straight across about a 1/4 of the way up), installing the french door by building a new header and support beams since this is a load bearing wall, and that's about all.  No Big Deal :-)



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