I think we need to buy a cat....


Ok, so yes, it really was about as cute as this picture above, just a little country mouse, but it was not so cute when it was zooming around the kitchen countertop at 80mph.  Here are my problems with this mouse:

First, how in the world did it get on the counter?!  Are mice able to climb??  I wouldn't be as angry and wishing death to this poor harmless creature if it was just scurrying around my kitchen floor. (I'd still want it out of the house, but not wish it dead).  But now I have to re-wash all the clean dishes that were drying in the sink, lysol the entire countertop down, and have fear for quite some time when I turn on the garbage disposal (lets be real....that's not that way I want to see him go.) 
Second, how is it that we do not have a single rodent problem for almost an entire year that we've had the house, yet Terminix comes 3 weeks ago to "work their magic" and ensure us of no bugs, snakes, OR MICE for an entire year.......and that's when a mouse comes!!!
Third, this mouse has made me have to point out to myself that I am irrational, and that's just irritating.  Of course I know that this mouse is not going to travel the entire distance of the home to follow me back into my bedroom and find it's way under the covers.....but I woke up several times to check.  Of course I know that if a mouse wants to get somewhere, he'll get there regardless of obstacle, but that still didn't stop me from closing (and locking...idiot) the door, then shoving a towel under the door jamb so he couldn't come in. Finally, of course I know that a mouse can only nibble at the pace of any other small animal....I owned hamsters and guinea pigs my whole childhood... but that doesn't stop me from thinking that this mouse can bite off my big toe in one gulp and that just barely appeases his insatiable and ravenous appetite.  Yah...he need to be out of our house immediately.

We set out glue traps that Terminix so graciously left us (it's like they knew it was going to happen), so Terry put out three before he left for work, and I put out two with Cheese in the middle of them before I left.  I think that mine are gonna get him; I mean really what mouse can resist cheese?!


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Bacon grease or peanut butter is better than cheese to temp mice

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