I killed Fievel

After 2 days and 3 glue traps he/she escaped from ....he/she finally stuck too strong and got caught.  It was not exactly the way I wanted to start my day this morning by having to murder the little fella, but it had to be done none the less.
I walked out into the kitchen when I woke up because I heard some noise, and low and behold, the trap with cheese in the center was the one it was stuck to.  I called Terry to ask how I should "dispose" of it, to which he explained a bag and a shovel were probably necessary.  I got off the phone, gained all of my courage, tried not to squeal, and went over to it (with gloves and boots on....just so it couldn't have a chance to eat one of my appendages as it's last supper...irrational...I know) and poor little thing was pulling with all of it's might to get loose.  As I leaned down to pick it up, he either had a panic attack and passed out, had a heart attack and croaked, or was giving the best performance of playing dead I had ever seen. 
After the bagging and the shovel, I hope that it went on to a better place.  Now, one might say our kitchen is, in fact, the better place to be than most other places, however that mouse was not invited! 

Our House is again VERMIN FREE!!!!

(And for those of you having no idea what my title means, google An American Tale...that movie was my favorite before The Little Mermaid when I was almost as small as that mouse.  I sang the best song of the movie to my labmates this morning...yes I still remember it....they were not nearly as amused as I was)


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Next time Terry should call his brother to find out how to catch a mouse!!!! I cant believe you guys are using Terminix. I know Tamarack Pest Control is not nationwide yet, but I certainly could have told you how to catch a mous with a $1.00 snap trap and a bit of peanut butter.

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We were having bug problems in the guest bedroom so they came and sprayed the perimeter of the house. They left of the mouse glue traps so that's where we started. I wish Tamarack was nationwide!! :-)

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