Dining Room: Finished!

It's 100% done!!!

All that has been left for us to do in the dining room is hang the curtains over the window, and this weekend, we finally knocked out the 20-minute task.  Now our dining room is officially finished!!  What's a Finished Project post without a few Before & After (and during the process) pictures.  You've seen it all unfolding here, here, here, and here, but here's the full recap.

We bought the house with the dining room like this (yes, kinda hard to believe that we could get past the color):

We repainted (awww, you can see in the kitchen that we still had the boat-light chandelier up and the wood paneling in the living room...funny).

We pulled up the carpet...

Terry sanded and re-stained the floors.
We put up chair rail and floor trim.

We got rid of the eye-sore chandelier from the previous picture and installed this beauty.  

And this weekend, we finally hung the curtains (I know, I need to take them down and iron them flat.  It's not noticeable in person but the picture sure does show the creases off!)

I'm so proud of the work that went into this room.  It's so elegant but also still very "us", with just being cozy and a place you want to spend time.  Quite remarkable to see the before to the after. 


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