Chair Rail and Floor Trim in the Dining Room

This room is getting closer and closer to finished and seeing as it's going on almost a year since we started, I AM VERY ANXIOUS for it to be complete!! (funny how at the end of that blog I wrote that I was excited the room was almost complete...HA!)

Before....waiting for the chair rail and floor trim

Here's the only unfortunate part of the whole ordeal, and you can see it just barely in the picture below if you look closely.  According to "proper Chair Rail" installation, it is supposed to be 36 inches from the floor.  When we originally measured......there was still carpet.  STINKIN' CARPET messing stuff up!!!  So now that there are wood floors, the 36 inches is about a carpet's height shorter than our original paint.  I'm going to have to go around the whole room and repaint the top paint (color is called Ponytail) because there is exposed primer. Whomp Whomp.  But at least it's done right and that's what really matters!

I Love It!!!

There is only one more piece of Chair Rail that needs to be installed, and what's most unforunate is that Terry was short of material by less than an inch.  Go figure!  So all that is left after this is installing the new light fixture (which was ordered last week and should be arriving ::fingers crossed:: by the weekend, and curtains.) SO CLOSE!! ----For Real this time!


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