It's Raining....Leaves

It's that wonderful time of the year where the beautiful leaves are turning to bright reds and vibrant yellows.  And then they turn brown.  And then they fall to the ground.  Which would be fine if they didn't happen to be all falling at the same time from a 50 ft. tall oak tree in our backyard.  I know I shouldn't complain because having the large oak tree behind the house was one of the features we liked when we were looking to buy the house.  We get to enjoy that tree for 11 months out of the year.  This just happens to be the 1 month where I'm not a fan...so apologies for the complaining. 
love/hate relationship right now

Our Saturday morning consisted of Terry raking enormous leaf piles in the backyard, then filling then dumpster with the leaves to haul up to the front of the house.  (those yellow claw things are a christmas present last year from my mom....surprisingly they are REALLY helpful picking up the leaves)

You might ask why we go through the process of moving the leaves up to the front of the house.....oh because in Illinois, you are legally allowed to burn leaves on the road. Crazy. (but gotta admit, very helpful....other than that little part about hurting the environment) 

So here's how the backyard looks now.  By next friday all you will see are leaves and so the process continues again.  Come on December or strong gusty winds to get these leaves down and done already!!


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