Birthday Present: Allison Style

I got my birthday present from Allison in the mail last week.  Nothing like a gift a month afterwards....it was just like my birthday all over again...but in November. 
Terry had been expecting a package with our undercabinet lighting, so he is the one who actually tore into the box, however when I arrived home, he had nicely re-taped it inconspicuously.....with our bright blue painters tape. 
Allison has a clear knack with buying me things I wouldn't typically buy for myself, but that I love.  She got me a very versatile dress, in that it will be perfect for the spring and summer, but it's also perfect right now with a long sleeve shirt and tights underneath.  Also, the bright pink band is for around my head.  I love it....Terry....not so much a fan.  It has a big flower on it.  More reason I love it.  More reason he stares at me a little sideways when I wear it.  :-)
And as always, she sent two cards, a serious and a funny.  The serious was pretty much spot on for the two of us and got me a little choked (ugh), and the funny was, well, Allison humor. 
To all those reading, you go ahead and feel free to send birthday presents at any time of the year.  Timing didn't stop Allison, and it's always fun to get gifts.  :-)

(Disclaimer: Sorry for no Thanksgiving post today.  I left my camera at home, so didn't have pictures to upload.  Lots of fun things in upcoming posts)


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1. I have the same headband in navy blue and wore it all over Denver to keep my ears warm when it was snowing. One of my coworkers loved it and the other thought I looked like a funny fish with it on. Apparently it's a controversial headband. :)

2.I love that Terry opened, and then repackaged the box! I bet he was unpleasantly surprised to see cards with your names on them instead of lighting supplies.

3. Love you. This made me tear up a bit-it's been one of those days.

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