The Hanging Shelf: Planned and Started

A while back, I mentioned that I was in love with a bookshelf.  Turns out, I actually got motivated to put this little plan into action.  For a reminder, here's the pic for the original pic. 

I decided that while I really like it, I wanted to put my own little twist on it.  I drew out my sketch (and for not being an artist, I was actually proud of it)  It's still at home, so I will attempt re-making it in paint....this should be funny. 
Wow, turned out way better than I thought it would.  Anywho, I thought it'd be cool to add a third string of the blocks in the center and then space out the centered shelves to add dimension.  I went and bought all of my supplies, i.e. lots and lots of wood boards to eventually saw down into the blocks.  As I was about to start into my first cuts with the power saw, Terry realized that we would need to anchor all of the strings into wall joists which are 16inches apart.  My measurements were able to be adjusted on the outside, but the center string couldn't stay centered and land on a joist.  Whomp whomp.  On to the next draw-up. 

And we now have a winner.  It's off-center but it actually adds to the dynamic.  I used the compound miter saw for the first time and I did fairly well, other than the two times where the wood flew off at 300mph (exaggerations but it was LAUNCHED the wood before I could even blink to see what was going on).  I still dont know what I did to cause that but let me tell ya, it pull a little caution in my confidence for sure!  Sorry for no pictures, I left my camera at home today, but I will save the pics for the finale.  So far, I have all the wood cut, and about 1/4 of the holes drilled through them where the rope goes through.  Then I'll need to stain them all differently...and then it's assembly time!  Stay tuned.


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