New Inspiration: Hanging Bookshelf

So work has been dreadfully slow this week, and I've put my (work)time to good (home)use by roaming through blogs about re-modeling and design.  I stumbled across this this morning and am absolutely in love with it. 

I found it on this blog and am so enamored.   I feel like this is something that I could actually do and make look good.  I could also make a smaller version for over the stove if we got a fume hood to hold all of our spices, and we could make it so that the wood matched the look we have already going in the kitchen.  It could be a really nice piece for our empty wall in the living room with the fireplace for picture frames and candles.   
I sent an email to Terry telling him I was a lot a bit in love with this, and here was his response; "Yeah, that’s pretty neat. You could do something similar with a glass drill bit and wine bottles. Though the weight might make it a better bookshelf to set on the floor than hang from the wall. And threaded rod for stability instead of rope."  He's always the mastermind behind making things even better. 


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