Peppers Update

Peppers Galore!  We have fully grown cayennes, jalepenos, yellow and orange "yummy" peppers (I didn't name them that, the little tag in them when we bought them called them that), and a red bell pepper.   I never knew this before but if you allow Jalepenos to fully ripen, they turn red and their heat (spice) content gets higher and higher.  They all are so pretty!
We have noticed with quite a few of the peppers that they are starting to get cracks in their skin. We aren't sure if we did something wrong to them (there were a few days where we didn't water them and the leaves got wilty from lack of water) or if that's ok.  Anyone have any ideas?

It's hard to tell because they blend in so much with the leaves, but there are at least 15 more cayennes there that are soon to turn red.  It's cayenne-crazy!!

These are the "yummy's".  I think that it's pretty cool that there are two different colored peppers growing on the same plant.  Both peppers are fully ripened too. (I'm a science nerd...I've accepted it)

Terry put together a pasta dish two nights ago and chopped up one of the cayennes.  We were both actually very surprised at how mild the cayenne was.  I expected to be breathing fire, but it wasn't spicy hardly at all.  Now the Jalepenos on the other hand.....especially the red ones.....Whoa!!  It burns so good!!!!!!!


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