Figuring out the Backsplash

Terry had to work Saturday so I took advantage of the free time by attempting to be productive with the house.  I bought matching cherry nightstands that have 2-drawers and satin nickel finishes that I found for sale on craigslist from a couple who was moving out of town and selling all their furniture.  Super inexpensive and they look so nice in our bedroom. (didn't take pictures, will post tomorrow).

After I picked up the nightstands, I went to the post office and picked up my final Ebay purchase.  (again no picture....I must have not been fully awake yet because this was all before 9am on Saturday.  :-)

After the post-office, I decided to head to Lowes and buy all the parts I would need to make the hanging bookshelf  I am currently in love with.  I bought an area rug under-mat for our NEW area rug in the front living room (I will put in next post with the reveal of our (almost)finished French Door Project).  Then as I was going to leave,  I walked past the tiles for the backsplash for the kitchen.


Terry and I haven't necessarily been avoiding the backsplash because we do casually peruse them whenever we're at Lowes or HD.....but, I cannot tell a lie....I'VE been severely avoiding the backsplash when I can help it.  It's tricky trying to tie (say that 5 times fast) in 2-toned cabinets and granite without it being too busy or too blended or too this or too that.....so I lean to avoidance. Since I was alone and had nothing on my agenda, I forced myself into the aisle and made myself start choosing tiles I liked.  I layed them out all over the floor in different patterns, I sat down on one side of the aisle so other shoppers could walk by, took off my flip-flops, had 2 different associates coming over and asking if I needed any assistance.  I think that they were partially amused/partially annoyed, but I asked for their inputs and they then leaned towards the amused side.  I finally ended up deciding on 4 options to take home for Terry's input and away I went. 

I was really nervous for Terry to get home just because I was scared he wasn't going to like them, or was on a completely different train on thought with the design.  He ended up really liking it though, but we may still tweak it a bit. 

So here's what we ended up with.  The larger sections are a 12x12 square of travertine tiles.  Then, the accent in the center is the same travertine with glass squares that are a variety of shades of brown.  The accent is from a 12x12 square as well that we cut in order to fit from the granite to the bottom of the cabinets. 

Here's a better view of the cabinets, the backsplash, and the granite all together.
Behind the stove, we like the idea of having the full 12x12 squares of the mini-tiles (although per sheet they are a bit more expensive. 

The only thing that we may change up is the design of the travertine where instead of the different size tiles, having them the same size straight across.  Here's the other option of how the tiles could look, but this is just a picture off a website. 

Yah, wow, didn't think this post would end up being this long.  Again....why I have been avoiding backsplashing :-)  Will keep you posted for when we make our final decisions and put it up!


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I'm wondering what your granite and backsplash colors are. Thanks!

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