Postcard from Scotland

I got a postcard from Allison (the best friend) yesterday!!!  She has been in Scotland for the past three weeks for work (I asked her if I could be temporarily hired as well but she said it wasn't possible...then I asked if i could at least get in a suitcase, still a no go). 

She sent an email early in the trip saying what a great time she had.  Specifically, "I'm having a GREAT time in Scotland so far! It's so much cooler than I expected. The city (Edinburgh) is beautiful and divided into two parts-old town and new town. Their old town puts the US to shame-I ate in a restaurant yesterday that was from the 1300s! New town is really cool/trendier with lots of places to shop and cool businesses. I think I pretty much know my way around the main parts of the city at this point."
This however is why she's my best friend, "Just for the record-everyone's teeth here suck. My pearly whites put the entire nation to shame, and that's not saying much."   Bah-haha
 I'm so excited she had such an awesome experience, but I am also so happy that she comes back tomorrow!!!" 


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