The Weekend: Jul 30th-Aug 1st

We had company in town for the weekend and had a wonderful time!  Billy and Jordan came down from Chicago to see St Louis and go to a Cardinals game.  They were playing the Pittsburgh Pirates, and with Billy being from Pittsburgh, it was the perfect series to come and catch a game.  They got into town mid-afternoon on Saturday and we proceeded down to Laclede's Landing to Morgan Street Brewery.  We played shuffleboard for a bit, and hung out in various sections of the massive building (the bar and restaurant consume an entire block downtown). 
Afterwards, we drove out to West St. Louis to buy our new Kitchen Island.  Billy and Jo got a nap in, and as we were loading up the island, proceeded to go into a laughing fit over "danglin' spiders".  It's not funny at all reading it on here, but they were hysterical. 
We headed back to the house and Terry made an incredible meal.  Short Ribs, Horseradish Mashed Potatoes, and fresh snapped beans.  I made dessert which were two different mousses, one was Cheesecake, and the other was Chocolate Raspberry.  The rest of the evening we hung out, played dice, watched TV, and had a really relaxing evening.
We got up the next morning and headed downtown for the baseball game.  We had a ridiculous lunch at the Oyster Bar (crawfish, oysters on the half-shell, oyster shooters, clamstrips, chicken and shrimp po'boy) and then headed into the game.  We sat in great seats but it was scorching hot out, so we were all a sweaty mess through most of the game.  The Cardinals pulled out a win!

Here's a video of Albert Pujols Home Run

After the game, we headed home so that they could get back on the road to Chicago.  It was a great visit, but it just flew by!  Longer visit is in order for next time!!
Also, sorry for the lack of pics but I left my camera at work on Friday (can you believe it!?) so all the pictures from the weekend are on Jo's camera.  As soon as she sends them, I will put them up. 


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