Revealed: French Doors and Living Room Hardwood Floors!!

The doors are sanded, hung, unhung, painted, re-hung, shiny new handles installed, and we are THRILLED!!  Who would have ever thought it would be so time-consuming to put up a french door?!?
The floors are sanded, stained, dried, stained, dried, stained, and FINISHED!!! 

In case you missed the front living room floor / french door demolition post

When Scott and I got back from our quick trip up to Chicago, we came home to see that Terry had framed in and installed the french doors.  SO EXCITING!!  (you can also see the floors are post-sanding / pre-staining at that point)

We painted the doors, installed beautiful handles (FYI: The handles don't turn, they are just for show, but that is called Half-Dummy Trim; it "does not turn or provide a function other than for decorative purposes or as a pull")

You can't see the handles well....I will try and find them online....

...found it!

Here's the other side of the doors (pardon the mess...it's all stuff from Lowes)

And we can't forget the floors!!

Addition of the new chairs and couch

Addition of our new carpet (again pardon the mess....I figured you aren't judgers)

We are so happy with how it all looks.  We still have finishings to do with the trim around the frame for the door and getting the TV in, and the curtains hung, and art on the wall, but I just couldn't wait that long!!

...Aaaaaaaand we may have been dancing around in the front room when it was still empty like it was a ballet studio; it's the little things in life that make it so perfect.


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