Some people sleep-walk; I sleep-ebay apparently....

About a week ago, it was a Monday night to be exact, I had an unfortunate but very amusing run-in with Ebay.  Terry and I are hooked on the TV Show American Pickers (seriously if you've never seen it, it's a very entertaining show, you should tune it, 9pmEST/8pmCST Mondays on the History Channel), and it's the only thing that I can attribute to what happened later in the night.  Terry usually always goes into bed before me.  I stay up and unwind, watch a little more TV, then go in on the computer for a little while and by the time I crawl in bed I am out cold.  Well, Monday night I think that I started going into sleep mode as I went in to get on the computer.  In my sleep haze, I started looking up "Gibbons Beer" memorabilia on Ebay.  I knew that it existed because I remember my grandparents had some items at their house when I was little.  It was a brewery in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and was in business from the early 1940's until 1974.  Well, I haven't been on my Ebay account in over a year, but I remembered my MemberID AND my password.  I bid on three different items, and then I went to bed.  I woke up in the morning after a wonderful nights rest and then thought about the Gibbons Beer, then layed there for a minute wondering if that was real or just part of my dream that I went on Ebay and bid on some items.  I got on the computer and sure enough, the Ebay screen was still up.  I freaked out for a minute because I had no idea what the stuff cost that I bid on.  One was 99cents, another $1.99, and the last $4.95.  Then I started laughing hysterically.  I ended up being the only bidder (shocker) on all three items. 

Coozies are never a bad thing to have around.

And doesn't everyone need a can opener.  "If it's Gibbons, It's Good!"

My third item is currently at the post office requiring a delivery confirmation.  Here's a picture though off my "winning bidder" page on Ebay....because doesn't everyone need a beer can with their name on it.....ugh

Seriously though, if anyone can find this to buy it.....I want it.  No jokes.

I am thinking I'm going to try and do some sort of artsy display with it all, but really who knows at this point.  If I do that I'm going to have to buy a few more things I think; just not while I'm asleep.  It's something for Terry and I (and you too) to laugh about for a while.  I blame (and thank) American Pickers for this! 


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They were still making this beer some 10 years ago as Kristin picked up a case for me. It may be someone else bottling. I will have to check on it.

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