Alexa found what she wants for Christmas

Alexa (my oldest niece) called last night on the drive home from work, and we got to talk for a pretty long time about all kinds of things.  There was the talk of our Eagles and how she got to go to see a training camp, how all the other nieces are doing, and how she is amazed that summer is almost over already.  Then she got to the part of the conversation she was most excited about which involved.....Ebay and Legos.  In fact, since she reads this blog she told me I should put up a post about it because of how cool it was.  So here you go Lex :-)
Alexa has always loved Legos.  She's hard to shop for just because she isn't girly-girl at all, so Legos have always been an easy gift idea; just so long as she doesn't already have the set!  She was looking around on Ebay at different Lego sets people had for sale, and she stumbled across what she considered the coolest thing she'd seen in a reeeeaaalllly long time; a post for someone selling 500 LBS of LEGOS!!

I immediately asked how much it is to which she said, "well there isn't any shipping charges because they only give you the option to pick it up.....but it's over $7000!!!"  She said that I needed to go online and look when I got home, and I must say, it is quite the collection!  500 Pounds.....that's ridiculous!!

So if any of you have $7,299.99 just laying around and have nothing to spend it on, I know a 12 year old that would know JUST how to spend it! 


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